Socks and stockings

Socks and stockings


Do you have sweaty feet, blisters, fissures or circulation problems in your feet? Then Bambooriginal® offers the right solution. Order our antibacterial socks via the webshop!

Socks and stockings

Our socks and stockings come in different sizes and colors.

From 3 pairs you get a 3 euro discount!

Buy 12 pairs, get 13 pairs for free!

Size chart

Sock or stocking Size
Ankle sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)
Sports sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)
Business sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)
Knee-high sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)
Healing sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)
Extra thick sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)
Extra thick knee sock 37-40 ; 40-45 ; 45-48(Fits up to size 52)

Do you suffer from sweaty feet, blisters, fissures or fungi?

Circulation problems in your feet?

  • Does this problem make you insecure? Frustrated? Unhappy? Embarrassed?
  • Has this problem already cost a lot of money on sprays, powders, salts?
  • Unsuccessful treatments? rotten shoes? Quickly washed socks?
  • Do you think this is a family ailment or are you the only one in your family?
  • Does it affect your self-confidence? Are you dirty with yourself? Your socks or your shoes?
  • And are you convinced that this cannot be solved?

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Lasting sense of luxury, comfort and confidence!

  • Slippers: Wear your socks like slippers, without worrying about odor or foot problems. You will no longer have a reason to keep your shoes on just because your feet smell bad.

  • Super comfortable: Lasting a super soft, super luxurious feel. Even after many washes without fabric softener.

  • Last longer: High quality, strong fiber. Less washing, so less wear and tear.

  • Anti allergic: Only use of natural, non-toxic dyes.

  • Wash less often: Bambooriginal® antibacterial socks do not smell. So you can wash them whenever it suits you.

  • Healing: The high KUN value helps your skin to heal.

  • Air curls: Extra soft curls are incorporated in the sole or in the entire stocking. These function as air cushions to protect the sole of the foot, heel, ankle and/or leg.

92% highest quality bamboo fiber.

  • Thermo-regulating: Warm in winter, cool in summer. No more overheated or cold feet.

  • Wicking: The moisture is transported away from the source. Your feet will feel dry, while your socks will dry on the outside. Meanwhile, the antibacterial, natural KUN is further spread in the shoes to make and keep them bacteria-free as well.

  • Economic: No more use of extra products against odor, cracks and blisters.

  • Ecological: Bambooriginal® does NOT use insecticides. Our bamboo species grow very quickly, do not exhaust the soil and are not panda food.

Did you know?

*Did you know that there are half a million sweat glands in your feet and several million scattered all over your body?

*Feet produces a quarter liter of sweat per day (a drinking glass), and your body one to seven liters, depending on your activities.

*Even if unpleasant smelling feet aren’t necessarily your problem, it’s always a good idea to invest in good quality!


And you can help others too!

Bambooriginal® is the solution for you!

Bambooriginal® is the solution for you!

Make your life much more comfortable and boost your confidence…

  • No more shame to take off your shoes.
  • No more comments, complaints or jokes from family or friends about your sweaty feet.
  • No more looking for a place to leave your bad smelling shoes and socks.
  • No more putting shoes and socks in the hallway at home or on vacation because no one can tolerate that bad smell.
  • From now on, no more avoiding places or visits because of your self-confidence.